Creative Set My sweet talent TM Candy cream 75014

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The set includes: light jumping plasticine, creamy material of several colors, packets with sparkles, plastic desserts, decor, modeling dough, nano-mass for modeling, slices, tool for modeling. There are 15 boxes in wholesalebox.

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With the set “My Sweet Talent”, every child will be able to turn his imagination into reality! He will be able to create a unique product from modeling materials and decorate it with a fragrant, colored mass of Candy cream, which imitates a confectionery cream. Candy cream is used for decorating stucco products.

During sculpting, you can feel like a real pastry chef and create unique sweets. Convenient packaging in pastry bags allows you to give fantastic forms: from petals to leaves and writing letters. A variety of colors of the mass will give inspiration and a boost of energy!

The sculpting process is not only interesting, but also useful for the development of aesthetic taste and creative abilities, also affects the development of fine motor skills of fingers.


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